Operational Efficiency
and Accountability

Every aspect of your business involves assets, objects, activities and people.  SmartGlyph seamlessly connects each of these in an intelligent, interactive, secure and auditable ecosystem. 

Close the data loop

Deliver real time operational & customer data on who, where, when, what, and to what extent for increased visibility across the business.

Granular Track & trace

Manage and track inventory, products, people, machinery, time and business assets in real-time. Creates incorruptible granular timeline of all movements and interactions.

Tiered access

Controlled access in real-time based on job role, activity, geo-location, time of day or device. Define what action a user can take dependant on conditional access protocols.

Anti-counterfeit & True Provenance

Delivers an audit log of where an object has been, where it is now and where it should be. Any deviation in intended route, or duplicates logged, cause alerts when scanned to inform personnel or law enforcement.

Shrinkage Identification

Manage and track inventory, products, people, machinery, time and business assets in real-time. Automatically creates incorruptible granular timeline of all movement and interactions.

incorruptible Asset Management

Track and trace all assets through procurement, delivery, warehousing and storage, deployment/usage, returns/faulty merchandise processing and supplier payment and reconciliation.


SmartGlyph enhances the usefulness of any workplace collaboration tool, whether horizontal like Slack or vertical like Figma.

Most of the files and systems an organisation uses understands who all the users are inside the company and their relationships. SmartGlyph can leverage these relationships to create tiered access, enhance permissions, deliver unsurpassed security, expand to external teams/persons and seamlessly integrate with other workplace products.

Secure, robust,

B2B communication and collaboration is moving towards a community where livestreaming, virtual goods, asynch video, all end up in the enterprise. SmartGlyph facilitates a secure, robust, auditable ecosystem to provide communication and collaboration with minimal integration in to other systems such as POS, Quickbooks, CRM, WMS.

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About SmartGlyph

SmartGlyph Ltd is an International company with development studios in the UK and Thailand, plus offices in the UK and the USA.

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