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Augment Anything. Track Everything.

SmartGlyph is transforming the way organisations digitally identify, access, communicate and transact.

With SmartGlyph you can connect all assets and manage one-to-one relationships dynamically and securely. SmartGlyph builds a virtual bridge between assets, the end user and your organisation using a smart device.

How smartglyph works

When a user scans an asset or object with a smart device or uses a device to access a Digital ID, SmartGlyph creates a highly secure virtual bridge between the user and the organisation, opening a two-way closed loop channel.

Users access data, content, communication and advanced functionality personalised to them, based on permissions and conditions that you set and control in real-time.

the future now

Consumers demand experiences, personalised relationships with brands and information when and where they want it.

SmartGlyph enables an organisation to build trusted one-on-one relationships with customers, delivering personalised, action driven content and enhanced functionality for intimate customer experiences.


Augments ANY
identifier. any format

Transform existing identifiers ( barcode, QR code, data matrix, logo, nfc, serial#) into an Intelligent, 2-way communication channel with enhanced functionality.

Seamless integration.
no disruption

Integrates into existing apps, is Google Lens compatible for APP-LESS interaction or can be accessed with a (white-labeled) SmartGlyph App.

Auditable and Granular analytics

SmartGlyph tracks every scan by every user for granular real-time analytics. It can track the movement of every penny, every product, every interaction.


SmartGlyph is an access vector to a secure, cloud based, unlimited (size), dynamic payload data cluster. No active data is encoded in the action code. 


Change content, permissions and conditions in real-time without changing artwork, packaging or existing codes. 


You define the content a user sees based on who, what, where, when and from which device is scanning a code as well as what actions can be taken.   

Want to find out more about how SmartGlyph can transform your business?