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Smarter Tracking

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Smarter Tracking

So, exactly what is Smartglyph and why is it SmarterByDesign?

Smartglyph is the patented, sophisticated Action Code Protocol. A powerful, flexible Platform that maximizes digital and real world interaction, enabling optimization of traditional, manual or time consuming tasks and procedures.

Smartglyph was designed from the ground up as an adaptable, multi-state, bi-directional, reactive, dynamic Action Code. It was not designed to do a specific function – it was designed with an open architecture to allow it to perform ANY function.

The data payload of a Smartglyph is unlimited – as the vector of a Smartglyph is an indirect addressing pointer that identifies the Digital DNA Data Cluster that is associated with that Smartglyph, stored on a secure server network (or the Cloud).

The conditional nature of a Smartglyph allows the Platform to determine who, when, where, can or can’t interact with that DNA Data Cluster – and if they can, WHAT they can do with it dependant on conditional access protocols.

This image is a typical Smartglyph. It is the pictorial representation of a 24 digit unique code which is generated by Smartglyph.

All data associated/represented by a Smartglyph is stored on a secure, closed cloud server network – NO transactional/critical data is contained in the image (as is the case with QR Codes etc.). This provides unprecedented power, adaptability, interaction and most importantly SECURITY!

Smartglyph can produce a Septillion (One Trillion Trillion) unique Smartglyphs in a tiny image footprint as small as 17x17mm, all of which can be read by almost any device with a camera.

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Smarter Barcodes

For the past 50 years the humble Barcode has been the quintessential product identification technology utilised in the retail and logistics sector. In that time there has been very little evolution or improvement – but an augmented barcode could deliver so much more functionality – this is why we designed SmarterBarcodes. It is a seamless technology that manages targeted distribution of Rich Media (as opposed to a “scatter-gun” spam approach) and creates unprecedented interactive functionality simply by a consumer scanning a Barcode via the Smartglyph Platform.


You scan a Barcode on a retail product and rich media is instantly delivered to your phone, RECIPES, INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO’S, CONTESTS or PROMOTIONS etc. You scan a Barcode on a retail product and it opens a SmarterObject that allows you to effortlessly join the LOYALTY PROGRAM for that brand/store – instantly & effortlessly – no tedious on-line forms to complete. You use the last scoop of coffee, before you throw out the packet , you scan the Barcode on the product. The SmarterBarcode triggers the option to ADD TO MY SHOPPING LIST – or if it is a product that you order regularly on-line RE-ORDER NOW. The SmarterBarcodes App actually places the order with your on-line vendor.

FEATURES FOR A BRAND OWNER/MANAGER: how great would it be if:

You could design dynamic, interactive promotions from your desktop – that can be changed, updated or modified and the campaign changes take effect immediately WITH NO PACKAGING CHANGING WHATSOEVER. You could establish a Bi-Directional Communications Channel with EVERY CONSUMER that scans the Barcode on your product – invaluable.


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Smarter Returns

The meteoric rise in popularity of E-Tailors and Online Shopping has brought with it a need for a seamless, sophisticated and easy to use process for dealing with CUSTOMER RETURNS. In fact, Customer Returns is one of the biggest issues faced by retailers today – the global figure being a staggering $600 Billion a year.

This is why we developed SMARTER RETURNS its primary objectives are to:

Enhance the “customer experience” of the Returns Process with a slick, effortless, interactive solution. Nurture Customer Loyalty by allowing easy access to additional information systems and services (e.g. tracking, paying credits quicker).

Provide invaluable information and insights to the E-Tailor relating to Customer Returns such as what is coming back, when and in what condition

THE BENEFITS & FEATURES FOR A CONSUMER: how great would it be if:

You scan a Barcode on the package that you are returning:

• The Barcode on the parcel is a SmarterReturns Label. The App retrieves the original Delivery Note, showing the goods that you received.

• You select the items that you are returning. You indicate why the items are being returned (damaged, wrong size, wrong colour etc).

• A digital Returns Note is generated and displayed for your approval.

• To complete the process simply have the parcel collected or drop it at a collection point. You have confirmation of what you are returning, you are updated along the journey of the package back to the vendor and even its process through the Vendor Return System.

THE BENEFITS & FEATURES FOR A RETAILER: how great would it be if:

You knew EXACTLY – who was returning what and for what reason. A real-time total picture of EVERYTHING currently in transit to your Returns Depot.

You had a unique, direct, bi-directional communication channel with EVERY one of your customers.


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Smarter KYC

SmarterID is more of a conceptualisation for Smartglyph than an actual product. It is a way of establishing a UNIQUE DIGITAL ID for everyone (and potentially everything) on the planet – after all – there are less than 8 Billion people – we could give everyone their own Unique Digital ID and Smartglyph would still have 992 Billion Trillion unallocated Smartglyphs.

The way that we look at creating a Digital ID is as follows:

The modules that make our approach different are:

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SMARTER PARKING primary objectives are to:

Utilise the unique aspects of the Smartglyph Platform, delivering a VIRTUAL PARKING METER system.

Create a minimalist digital solution that:

• Removes the need for cash (and the associated processing and overheads).

• Substantial reduction of costs for the Operator, resulting in higher profit margins.

• Creates a cutting edge, Smartphone centric Customer Experience in using SmarterParking.

• Has significant “green” credentials – less power usage, no paper etc.


The system is cashless and totally secure - no more scraping around for coins or risking the compromise of your credit cards for a minor purchase.

Automatic reminders are delivered to your phone - so you do not overstay and risk a penalty.

Tools such as FIND MY CAR (locate your vehicle in the carpark) or FIND ME A CAR PARKING SPOT (to guide you to a nearby Carpark with availability).


There were no Parking Meters, no Hardware, No Power costs – SmarterParking uses the CUSTOMERS’ BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

The system greatly really reduced costs, maximising Profits.

The system was cashless – removes all the problems of cash collection, processing, security etc.

The system was Dynamic, allowing for triggered changes in pricing (to deal with seasonal trends, events etc) – plus enabling POP-UP CAR PARKS ANYWHERE.

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Smarter WAY2SEND

When we hear the terms “Unbanked” and “Underbanked” most of assume that this is an emerging world issue, yet it is not. It is an everyday reality for a large part of the global population. The snapshot here shows the startling figures that relate to the USA.

Restricted banking access is further debilitating to these people as the online connected world and its inherent methodologies advance – online shopping is a typical example, lack of online payment facilities causing exclusion. Most popular Peer to Peer transfer systems require association with a bank or debit card, again causing barriers for literally billions of people.

We designed SmarterWay2Send (and SmarterWay2Pay) specifically for the Unbanked and Underbanked members of the global society. Our vision is to allow anyone to send money to anyone, anywhere in the world, INSTANTLY and at a totally AFFORDABLE price.

Global accessibility to this service is key, to this end we have extended the scope of the systems to allow transfers to be performed using Facebook (or any other social media).

There are now a proliferation of Peer to Peer money transfer systems – we believe that we have a ubiquitous, elegant and easy to use system that will work with Smartphones and/or Feature phones (in the emerging world). Creating flexibility and empowerment to consumers and a burgeoning business model to our partner network of Agents and Bankers. We are actively seeking deployment partners for this product.

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